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    When a Dog Attacks

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Earlier this month a Chicago Animal Care and Control worker was attacked by a pit bull.  The worker was a woman in her 40’s.  She received multiple dog bites and was listed in serious-to-critical condition after arriving to the hospital.  To respect her privacy details of her dog attack are being kept private.

    Dog attacks can lead to massive amounts of medical bills, personal injuries and even time off work.  Some dog bites can lead to long-term effect and scarring.  One dog attack can leave a persons life in shambles.  To learn more about dog bites or animal attacks visit us at McCready Law

    At The Law Office of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C we can help you navigate through these tough times.  We have handled many cases stemming from dog bites.  We first assess the damages from your dog bite and help you determine who is liable for the accident.  We also find out if insurance is involved and help guide you through the complicated procedural requirements. 

    If you or someone you know has suffered from an animal attack or dog bite please give us a call at 773-779-9885 and ask to speak with an attorney today. 

    Our thoughts go out to the Chicago Animal Care and Control worker.  It is very important to always be aware of your surroundings and take pre-cautions when dealing with animals.  If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you.  Visit us at McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C.

    Multiple Car Accidents, On A Rainy Chicago Wednesday

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Wednesday November 6th, 2013 was host to multiple car accidents during the morning commute in and around Chicago, IL.  

    One car accident that occurred near 85th street on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway was extremely serious, leaving three adults and one child in serious to critical condition.  Unfortunately, one of the injured adults, a woman in her 30s passed away shortly after arriving at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital from injuries sustained during the car accident.

    Other car accidents have been reported throughout the day but luckily no other tragic accidents have been reported.  With the continuous rainfall today please be extra cautious driving home tonight.  Car accidents are the most common type of accidents in the United States.  On inclement weather days the risks of an accident increases greatly.  Be cautious of areas that may be slippery or of low-lying areas where pools of water may start collecting.

    Please check back later for more information regarding this car accident and other automobile accidents that occurred in and around Chicago, IL.  

    Fatal Car Accident takes 102 Year Old Women From Floosmoor, IL.

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Margaret Clark a 102 year-old resident from Flossmoor, IL was pronounced dead at 10:40 pm this past Saturday.   Margaret was passenger in her daughter's car at 12:30 pm on her way to a dental appointment when the car accident occurred.   Medical experts declared Margaret ‘s death was from injuries cased by the blunt force trauma from the car accident.    

    Margaret life was cut short by an unfortunate car accident, but Margaret’s life was described as anything but cut short.  She was a beloved neighborhood figure by all.  She won the children of the neighborhoods hearts by handing out the always-coveted full size candy bars on Halloween.  She justified the larger candy bar by saying they were her favorite candy, and they shared the same name.   Handing out full size candy bars only scratched the surface of her extraordinary generosity.   She was a dedicated volunteer at the YMCA where she taught disabled children the joy of swimming until she was well into her 70’s.  She also dedicated time to help the visually impaired learn how to read.   When Margaret wasn’t devoting her time else where, she could be found knitting, painting, sketching or meticulously working in her garden.   Her superior gardening skills had neighbors comparing her yard to one you may see in a magazine. 

    Margaret may no longer be with us anymore but her decades of giving and helping keep her alive in all those she touched.  Margaret was described as a one of a-kind person.   Who touched more lives then she could ever imagine.

    Thoughts and well wishes go to the Clark family.   

    Lawsuit Filed for Negligence In Fatal Truck Accident

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Earlier this month on October 15th a fatal truck accident killed 3 Chicago residents; Gwi Rye Kim, 65,  Won Suk Lim, 56 and Jung Ran Min, 50.  

    Yesterday, on October 30th, 2013 the Family of Gwi Rye Kim filed a lawsuit against the Village of Skokie.  The Kim family is accusing the garbage truck driver of negligence.    

    The Village of Skokie made a statement on their website.  "The truck had complete right of way and entered the intersection, at which time a passenger vehicle violated the two-way stop sign control and entered the intersection."

    The details of the crash are still under investigation.  

    To learn more about truck accidents visit McCready Law 


    Woman in Stable Condition After Dog Attack

    Last updated 5 years ago

    A 64 year old woman was attacked on the south side of Chicago last Friday by three pit bull dogs.  The dogs attacked the lady leaving her in critical condition upon her arrival at the hospital and killed the dog she was walking.  The owner of the three dogs tried to stop the attack but  was also attacked by the dogs.  Leaving her in stable condition. The 64 year old women condition has been upgraded to stable. The three attacking dogs have been taken into custody by animal control.   

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